Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy has been shaped by some outstanding PGA Professionals.  I was honored to have been awarded the PGA Teacher of the Year for the very prestigious South Florida Section.


“Any student of the game can improve if coached properly” 


“Custom fit instruction is necessary for success”


I do not believe in the “one way “approach or the “my way or the highway” method of teaching golf. Professionals who follow that methodology find themselves spending a lot of time on the highway driving from job to job. It is my belief that there are as many ways to play the game of golf as there are champions.  Instruction should fit the player and the player’s own abilities. My award winning coaching style places the emphasis on the basic fundamentals of golf: grip, swing shape/plane, balance, impact alignments, steady head and pivot. Along with the basics, I custom fit my instruction to each golfer. I find a need to be flexible along the way, making subtle changes or switching instructional emphasis when a student’s needs change. I have found this system allows for optimum results. Personal results then turn into better enjoyment of the game. The student is able to see the value of their own game and hopefully the personal attention I give to each of them as a golfer.


Come see me for your own custom fit golf instructional program.

"Instruction should fit the player and the player’s own abilities".