ATLANTIS, FL – Boca West Country Club's PGA teaching professional Christian Czaja has been named the 2010 SFPGA Teacher of the Year. This award recognizes the professional who provides outstanding service as a golf instructor. The recipient is selected based on his/her efforts in promoting golf, use of teachings, involvement in junior golf activities, and teaching techniques.

"I am ecstatic, extremely pleased, said Christian upon hearing of his accomplishment. "It is humbling and exciting at the same time. This award is something I've been thinking about for many years and to win in such a large and competitive Section is a huge honor."

A PGA member since 1993, Christian teaches lessons at Boca West Country Club since 1990, where he has given over 20,000 golf lessons in the past 15 years. Prior to that, he was an assistant golf professional at the Golf & Raquet Club at Eastpointe in Palm Beach Gardens. Christian has served on the South Florida Section PGA Education committee and the Southeast Chapter Tournament Committee. Christian has been featured on the Golf Channel, and was selected by to film two instructional videos for its website.

Christian believes there are as many ways to play the game of golf as there are champions, and many sound methods of golf instruction. "Instruction should fit the player and the player's own abilities. My personal coaching style places the emphasis on the basic fundamentals of golf: grip, swing shape / plane, balance, impace alignments, steady head and pivot. Along with the basics, I custom fit my instruction to each golfer."

At Boca West Country Club, Christian implemented free short game clinics twice a year, and holds a 'supervised practice' every week for one hour for students to review their lessons. He practices 'walking the line', where he provides free instructional advice to players on the driving range between scheduled lessons. He also donates lessons to local schools and participates in junior golf and Growth of the Game initiatives annually.

Christian's interest in golf began at a young age, when he used to caddy at Innis Arden Golf Club in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. Chris said the late William A. Mitchell was a key influence in encouraging both Chris and his brother to get into golf. Both Chris and his brother are now PGA members.

Christian says, "There are many professionals that have encouraged and inspired me, Todd Anderson and Chris Toulson are two. My philosophy for success is to always surround yourself with people that know more than you. Absolutely any student of the game can improve if coached properly, and that is always my goal."

Christian Czaja, along with the ten (10) other South Florida PGA Annual Award winners, will be recognized at the SFPGA Awards Night on November 17th, location TBA.

  • South Florida PGA Teacher of the Year - 2010
  • Southeast Florida PGA Teacher of the Year - 2009
  • Shot course record (64) -8 at the Windsor Golf Club in Vero Beach
  • Course record (65) -7 PGA National Champion Course 
  • Course record (29) -7 back nine of Naples Grand South Florida Open

  • Golf Channel Instructor

  • SwingFix Pro

  • Founder of Christian Czaja School of Golf

  • Played on tour

  • Played in 3 National Club Pro Championships